Morning Short Kayak Tour – 1.5h

Morning Short Kayak Tour is a unique tour offered exclusively by Fenix Adventure. If you are a morning person and don`t like to many people around you in a rush hour, then this tour is the perfect one for you. Tour leaves at 8 AM in the morning and it is the time when no other kayaks are out on the sea. This means you will have all the routes and the whole sea around Dubrovnik old town walls for yourself. Tour will take you to visit Betina Cave Beach, and the perfect thing is that Betina Cave is filled with sun all the way in the morning.

There will be no one else but your group on this tour so you will have the cave and the beach for yourself. After the 30 minute (or so) break you will slowly paddle back to the start point just in time for breakfast and coffee. Perfect way to start your day and see the old town walls from the seaside, do some swimming or yoga at the Betina Cave Beach and just enjoy!

PRICE: 30 EUR per person

INCLUDED:  water, drybag, snorkeling gear, high end kayak, life west, insurance, English speaking local guide

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